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For over 60 years, our knowledgeable and experienced team of CPAs and business consultants have been serving individuals and businesses in Western New York and around the nation.

Tax Provision Preparation

Tax provision preparation is a complex calculation, and often best managed by dedicated CPAs. Recording income tax expenses for domestic, foreign, state and local income, reviewing the differences in accounting methods between financial statements and income tax, knowing all the exceptions to the general rules, and completing the work on time requires complete focus. We also manage ASC 740.

EFPR Group CPAs bring significant experience to tax provision work. This allows for an automated approach to improve accuracy and audit ability.

In addition to tax provision preparation, we also manage ASC 740.

ASC 740 work is intense and important. EFPR Group’s policy of assigning a partner as the engagement supervisor for each client assures the work is handled in a professional, timely and expert manner. We emphasize process and continuous improvement, incorporating our paperless approach to your records for a cost-efficient engagement.

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