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For over 60 years, our knowledgeable and experienced team of CPAs and business consultants have been serving individuals and businesses in Western New York and around the nation.

Expatriate Tax Services

Working from another country has its challenges for employers and employees. With the help of EFPR Group and its business partners, we make “global mobility” easier to navigate.

International tax services for companies

How can you manage compensation when employees work in a foreign company, or when a foreign national works in your home country?

  • We begin the process by establishing your overall business strategy, your international goals and your employees’ needs. If warranted, we consult with partners who specialize in business strategy consultation or cross-border transactions for public companies.
  • Then we explore tax equalization policies and employee compensation plans.
  • We conclude by designing a solid plan to guide you through the tax compliance requirements in every country in which you do business.

International tax services for individuals

You will treasure working overseas more when your finances are in order. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What will changing your country of residence mean for your tax liability?
  • How will you file a tax return? When? Where?
  • How will your retirement be affected?
  • How should you manage the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credits, U.S. Social Security, Medicare and Self-Employment taxes, and Net Investment Tax

Don’t get caught in a situation where you may be liable for double taxes, or owe penalties because you just missed a critical filing deadline. We can help you get organized ahead of time. We work directly with individuals or through company relationships.

Global Mobility Guidance—everything else you need to know, and do

There’s more to working abroad than paying taxes. For employees, the issues are profoundly and personally important:

  • Where will I live?
  • How do visas work?
  • Where will my children attend school?
  • What about my spouse’s career?
  • Will there be language barriers?

We can put together a customized plan for you and your employees to address these issues.

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