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International Tax Compliance & Consulting

Working outside your native country can create challenges for employers and employees.  At EFPR Group, we make “global mobility” easier to navigate and simple to manage.

Keeping your company and employees whole when you send them to a foreign company, or bring a foreign national to your home country can be complex and financially risky without a clear understanding of the tax code that applies.

At EFPR Group, we start by looking at your overall business strategy, your international goals, and your employees’ needs. If warranted, we utilize the expertise of our partners who specialize in cross border transactions, tax equalization policy and employee compensation plans. We put together a customized plan for you and your employees.


Any U.S. citizen no matter where they are located must file if their total foreign account balances are over $10,000 USD at any time during the year.


Working from another country has its challenges for employers and employees. At EFPR Group, we make “global mobility” easier to navigate.


EFPR Group can help you avoid tax liability and penalties if you have not received a tax notice from the IRS without reporting your worldwide income.

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