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ESG and Sustainability Accounting

The spotlight on corporate responsibility continues to grow brighter as stakeholders and investors demand companies integrate sustainable practices into their bottom line. An environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach in how a business operates is becoming necessary and the EFPR Group ESG professionals are uniquely qualified to help.

Our services include:

  • Climate-related disclosures that feature metrics and approaches to address environmental impact
  • Comprehensive gap analysis custom tailored by industry to determine key areas of tangible risk and opportunity
  • Climate-specific strategy focused on sustainability designed to satisfy the needs of stakeholders including regulators, employees, and investors
  • Stakeholder engagement that effectively integrates communication into the organization’s framework
  • Materiality assessments designed to assess the most critical areas of a company and its key stakeholders
  • Ratings improvement through the process of determining the most impactful disclosures and performance metrics to strengthen ESG disclosures and scoring with ESG rating and ranking officials
  • Access to EFPR’s knowledge resources to share ESG information and to keep our clients informed of the latest news, trends, and updates related to ESG
  • Perception studies tailored in alignment with company sentiment and perceptions to approach and performance
  • Proper positioning of investors in order to effectively leverage a company’s ESG position to improve valuation, expand access to capital and create more opportunities
  • Social purpose advancement efforts to describe how a company’s business, products, and services are in alignment with the general interest of society
  • Expert advisory services backed by reporting capabilities on best practices in disclosure related to performance and commitments, consistent with reporting frameworks including SASB an TCFD

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