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Real Estate/Housing

The real estate and housing market was one of the leading catalysts of the 2008 U.S. recession. Through the economic principles of supply and demand, this recession created a unique set of buying opportunities.

While challenging economic and market conditions persist across the globe, institutional-grade commercial real estate appears to remain relatively stable.

Hard on the heels of the United States’ economic recession and the simultaneous strengthening of emerging Asian and Latin American markets, the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry is seeing an increased focus on diversification into global CRE. While Asia and the Pacific Rim have emerged as strong drivers of global CRE growth, the U.S. continues to attract investments based on size and favorable risk-reward. In general, the U.S. CRE market appears to be on a gradual but uneven path to recovery, with increased capital availability, transactions, and improved fundamentals.

However, the U.S. residential mortgage industry continues to experience a difficult transformation. The record volume of delinquencies and foreclosures, combined with intense regulatory scrutiny is having a dilatory effect on the residential market.

To complicate matters, the global economy remains in a slow-growth environment. The scale and complexity of challenges facing mortgage lenders, servicers and investors is unprecedented. Never has the need for expert guidance related to tax planning and compliance been greater.

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