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EFPR Tour de Cure Team

Message from Kevin Hill, Team Captain of EFPR Group Tour de Cure Rochester:

Tour de cure 2019 finsih line

I hope this note finds everyone safe and well. This has been an unusual few months with many changes and disruptions. Before the COVID crisis, the Firm was expecting to participate in the Tour de Cure event again (6/13). If you remember, last year we held internal fundraisings bringing in over $3,000 to the EFPR team, with many EFPR employees and their families attending and participating on the actual day. The weather could not have been more accommodating and the after party in the “EFPR Tent City” was filled with smiling faces, happy dogs, music and games.

We were really looking forward to it again in June and expected even more participation.  As a fundraiser the Rochester Tour de Cure raised over 1.3 million toward ADA. 2019 was the third year in a row Rochester was the number one Tour in the nation. We hope to keep that spot this year as well.

I am happy to say the Tour de Cure is still happening this year, although in rather different format. The date will be October 3 and it will be virtual, in an effort to keep everyone safe. Virtual means:

• We all ride, walk or run on the same day and during the same time
• In our own chosen locations
• With our family and friends… and their friends … and those friends 😊

And what is really great is you chose whatever you want to do. You can ride three miles, walk one mile or run a 5k. Personally I will do a metric century on my bike outside or inside on my indoor smart trainer if the weather is bad.

A Facebeook Live event (FB link here) will go on all day, where stories, videos and pictures will be shared. This is an open invitation to join our team and I really hope you will consider!

  • There is NO REGISTRATION FEE! You can register, train, take part with the EFPR team, and it costs nothing to register this year. Grab a friend who might like to do it with you, and join us!
  • There is NO FUNDRAISING MINIMUM! While the needs of people living with diabetes remain significant, and even greater with the increased risk associated with COVID‐19, we all know that this is a difficult time to ask others to give. While we hope that participants will encourage others to contribute to an important effort as they are able, there is no pressure at this time to make any requests that are beyond your level of comfort. So, for those who say, “I can’t fundraise,” this is the year for you to participate!
  • As with last year, you don’t need to bike to participate. Walking, running, jumping… all forms of movement are considered active participation and support for this! Last year many dogs even participated, with their owners, and supported this cause.
  • In order to receive the usual participant thank‐you gifts, the fundraising minimum has been lowered to $100 to make it more manageable to hit the goal.
  • Channel 13 News will be partnering with the Rochester Tour de Cure on Tour Day, filming cyclists, walkers and runners and interviewing participants all over the Rochester community. So, if you ever dreamed of being a famous cyclist, this might be your chance!
  • The American Diabetes Association has a longstanding commitment to provide support to those living with diabetes in the form of education, advocacy, services, research, and ultimately the quest for a cure. This has been a hard year for the ADA. They made difficult decisions to lay off almost half of their staff nationwide, so that the services and support they offer will not be interrupted for those who need it. Now is the time for participants and volunteers to step up.

I have always felt good about supporting the mission of the ADA and the Tour de Cure, because of their tremendous impact on the people they serve. This is why I am proud to be a board member of this organization. This year, more than any other year, I am proud to stand with their mission and to keep it alive. I would love for you to join me and the EFPR Team at any level of participation that feels comfortable for you.

Hope to “see” you October 3!  Please let me know if you have any questions or problems registering!

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