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The ability to solve complex problems and make informed decisions is paramount to managing your life or your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of over 200 CPA's and Business Consultants are poised to help manage your financial future. We are committed to every client's success.

Tax Services

As federal, state and local governments seek to increase revenues and balance budgets, tax planning and compliance is essential. Our expert Tax Team serves clients in corporate tax planning, including mergers, acquisitions, as well as expatriate and inpatriate tax preparation. We work with individuals and a variety of business owners to meet their tax, compliance, and estate planning needs.

Auditing Services

In today's challenging and complex regulatory environment, the need for technical expertise is unparalleled. Our Audit team provides a robust menu of traditional auditing and assurance services including government, not-for-profit, healthcare and employee benefit audits. Our goal is to reduce your exposure to risk and cost effectively manage compliance.

Business Services

As any business evolves, grows and diversifies, it requires expert financial oversight and planning. Our business services team has accumulated an extraordinary array of expertise and experience in every aspect of financial management. Our partners have dedicated expertise in tax law, strategic planning and business valuation. We bring vision and depth of understanding to address your specific needs.

HealthCare Consulting

If you own or manage a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital, your business is in a constant state of regulatory flux. For over 30 years, our RHCC Healthcare Consulting, LLP team has helped clients navigate federal and state regulatory environments while guiding each through a variable maze of changing business conditions.

Business Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Services

When it comes to protecting assets, business valuation, litigation support and forensic accounting, clients expect to engage a team of professionals focused exclusively on this practice. As a result, StoneBridge Business Partners was created to meet this growing need and dedicate specialists exclusively to this area.

Government Services

Managing operations in the Government Sector requires expertise in all units of Federal, State, or local governance, including non-market and non-profit institutions that are controlled and financed by these agencies. In addition, municipalities are diverse and provide a myriad or unique accounting and financial challenges.

Reputation and Crisis Management

Protecting Your Reputation is the Key to Sustainability. As a leader, you can appreciate the importance of protecting the reputation of your organization and the implications that arise when a serious crisis occurs. Crises happen everyday and while many are managed effectively, those that are not can become reputation nightmares.


Sectors & Specialities

Assisted Living

As seniors adjust to changes in their health, a growing number will need the support and flexibility of an assisted living facility.

Business Valuation

Valuing a business means effectively weighing dozens of variables so you can make an informed and judicious business decision.

College Assistance

The college process can be confusing and stressful for any family assisting their child in this life enhancing event.

Compliance Auditing

Contracts and agreements are a critical first step in any business relationship. Their power comes in their enforcement.


Understanding the economic and geo-political factors that influence the field of construction is often unpredictable.

Emerging Technology

Cultivating a sustainable environment to stimulate investment in R&D of new technology may determine the future of our culture.

Employee Benefit Plans

One of the most innovative and dynamic areas in the Human Resource world is the establishment and maintenance of employee benefit plans.


This sector includes industries involved in the extraction, refining, sale and distribution of petroleum, gas, electric, coal, nuclear and alternative energy sources.

Forensic Accounting

Financial fraud has become more common and sophisticated. It occurs in relationships between franchisees and franchisors, buyers and sellers, business partners or employees.


Today, philanthropists want to leverage their business acumen, life experience and contacts to the causes they support.

Financial Services

This industry includes firms competing to offer investment advice, money management services, insurance and access to securities trading for individuals and corporations.

Fraud Detection

Have you ever witnessed something unethical or unsafe and were afraid to act? We have the solution.

Higher Education

Enhancing a school's ability to attract students, maintain a superior reputation and manage economic variability are the goals of every college.


Serving patients, navigating regulatory issues and managing internal relationships can present vigorous challenges.


Working outside your native country can create challenges for employers and employees.

Litigation Support

Attorneys often require consultants with expertise in forensic accounting and business valuation matters who also possess experience in testifying.


Balancing the relationship of labor and capital costs with competition is the challenge of American manufacturing.


Local municipalities and other public sector entities are charged with serving their constituencies and preserving the public trust.

Non-for-profit Orgs

Meeting the diverse needs of their constituency is the ever-present mission of today's non-profit organizations.

Nursing Homes

Serving an aging population and confronting regulatory demands makes managing a nursing home a daunting task.


This industry is subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing, safety and efficacy and marketing of drugs.

Professional Services

This broad sector includes accounting, engineering, financial services, banking, architectural and legal firms.

Quickbooks Services

If you are considering or presently using QuickBooks, EFPR Group can help you maximize your investment.

Real Estate/Housing

This market has been one of the leading catalysts of the U.S. recession, creating unique buying opportunities supported by the economic principles of supply and demand.

School Districts

Navigating regulatory requirements while serving the needs of students and taxpayers presents unique challenges.

Tax Problem Resolution

Attempting to resolve difficult tax, IRS or State Tax audit problems on your own can be overwhelming.

Wineries & Vineyards

The business of producing and selling wine is one of New York State's most exciting growth industries.

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