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IT Reviews and Assessments

Your technology should match your vision.

IT Reviews and Assessments tell you whether you’re getting your money’s worth out of technology investments.

  • Are your processes and operations as efficient as they can be?
  • Are you positioned to compete?
  • What risks are at stake?
  • What opportunities are you ready to seize?

When you answer these questions about your own organization, you can quickly see any gaps in Information Technology. When you answer them about an entity you plan to purchase, you can make more realistic projections of your investment and expected returns.

Who do you trust and where do you start?

EFPR IT Consulting performs our work by looking at your goals first and only then reviewing and assessing your Information Technology. Every business is different and there is more than one way to improve efficiency and competitiveness while mitigating risk. We have the experience and perspective to customize your business road map.

Step 1—Understanding the Current State

Review and assessment of:

  • Information Systems and Software Applications
  • Infrastructure and Network
  • IT Assets
  • Server Room/Data Center
  • Information Security and Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Service Agreements (Hardware, Software and IT Outsourcing)
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • IT Organization

Step 2—Identify Risks and Opportunities

  • Analyze findings to uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks – including not only the technology, but also processes and resources
  • Provide concise report, in plain English, focused on potential business impacts

Step 3—Develop a Roadmap

  • Provide recommendations to help your organization to create a plan for leveraging strengths, overcoming weakness, seizing opportunities and managing risk over time.
  • Includes strategic prioritization of goals and scalable plans to support growth

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