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For over 60 years, our knowledgeable and experienced team of CPAs and business consultants have been serving individuals and businesses in Western New York and around the nation.

Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery

Because the first goal of business is to stay in business

“Forty percent of businesses do not reopen after a disaster and another 25 percent fail within one year:, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency”

This is about more than fires or floods; this is about being ready to get people, equipment and operations back up and running no matter what natural, man-made or technological event happens. It’s about knowing just how much you would lose if any part of your business were not able to operate for any given period. It’s about having a communication plan in place so customers and stakeholders maintain confidence and your business maintains profitability.

Who do you trust and where do you start?

EFPR IT Consulting professionals hold Certifications from Disaster Recovery Institute, Business Continuity Institute and ISO 22301 certified in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Our team has been doing this a long time and know our plans work.

Every company’s needs are unique. Our services can be tailored to your business to include:

  • Program Initiation and Management—to gain full organizational support and funding to develop the most effective business continuity plan.
  • Risk Evaluation and Control—to identify and control risk, threats and vulnerabilities which can damage your business or reputation.
  • Business Impact Analysis—to identify available strategies and resources to protect your processes and technology.
  • Emergency Response and Operations—to identify your requirement to protect employees, contractors, visitors and others and spell out how your business will act when needed.
  • Incident Response Plan—to establish, document and implement a management structure and procedures to effectively response to any disruptive incident.
  • Crisis Management Plan—to identify roles, accountability, responsibility and authority during any crisis and combine the Emergency and Incident Response plans into a single document.
  • Crisis Communications Plan—to assure timely and accurate information during response and recovery efforts.
  • Coordination of External Agencies—including the policies and procedures to communicate with local, regional, state and national audiences.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans—to document processes and procedures that enable organizations to continue or recover operations with a minimum of disruption.

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