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Preparing for Cyber Security In the Final Quarter of 2017

Author: Michael C. Redmond  |   EFPR Group’s IT and GRC Consulting and Audit 

In the final quarter of 2017, organizations need to continue sustained focus on their cyber security resources to make sure they can end the year on the front foot. There could be nothing worse than a crippling security breach in the final quarter of the year to stifle momentum for the start of the New Year.

Effective Security Solutions

New types of antivirus powered by artificial intelligence are the wave of the future. While not needing any cloud connection or continuous updating, another major advantage is they only require a fraction of standard system resources when used with antivirus and endpoint security software. Freeing up resources is always a major advantage.

New Trends in Intrusion Detection and Response

Organizations continue to be highly susceptible to increasing cyber threats both internal and external. Threats include both malware and ransomware which still rears its ugly head costing organizational resources and downtime, not to mention potential risk of sensitive data. Companies need to implement effective intrusion detection and response strategies that will work to limit impact. Total awareness of best practices for malware detection and incident response positions the organization to thrive despite adverse threats.

Security Ops

A large part of efficiency and effectiveness in the battle against cyber threats is understanding the signs of malicious activity. Also organizational procedure before, during, or following an attack also comes into play. In today’s world, organizations rely more and more, on cloud technologies and services for the lifeblood of business. Therefore, governance is constantly extended along with security controls. With more cloud leverage, detection and response capabilities present new sets of challenges accordingly.

In the midst of a security breach, every second counts, especially during the chaos of uncertainty and tackling the unknown.  However, cool heads under pressure need to prevail. It’s important to ask the right questions even if the right answers are hard to ascertain in the spur of the moment. Important questions outlining entry points and assessed damage need to be factored into the equation. Identifying the source of the breach and potential vulnerabilities in addition to the current state are critical components.

Increasing Problem with Ransomware – Pay or Protect

It continues to be a huge problem causing more damage year over year. Expect the trends to continue as the perpetrators become more emboldened to go after bigger targets. Organizations need to take the necessary steps to prepare for security breach via encryption, trusted key storage and management, and strong authentication.

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