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States have become more aggressive in enacting tax measures and have intensified the enforcement of these laws. The nationally recognized tax and business professionals at EFPR Group help businesses stay in compliance with regulations while finding ways to minimize exposure/risk. Unlike federal tax, state and local tax (SALT) is often based on factors other than income which requires a deeper understanding of the issues involved, such as:

  • Does your business have state registration and reporting requirements?
  • How to respond to a state Nexus or business activity questionnaire received
  • Do out of state employees or sub-contractors create state registration and filing requirements?
  • How do cloud related IT services affect state registration and reporting requirements?

SALT can profoundly impact an organization’s competitive position. The professionals at EFPR Group have the resources to help clients create a solid plan, grounded in your business strategy, to mitigate your SALT risk.

  • Product/service taxability study (Identify why your product is subject to sales tax)
  • Nexus review and determination (Identify where your business is required to file)
  • Tax risk and exposure assessment (identify total amount at risk due to non-compliance)
  • Voluntary disclosure/amnesty programs assistance
  • Tax compliance (tax registration, return prep, tax correspondence & exempt certificate management)
  • Tax conflict resolution (representation in conciliation & negotiated settlements)

For more information on the changing landscape of SALT, and how recent court rulings such as Wayfair vs. South Dakota have direct influence on your business, download our free e-book here: