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Do any of the following questions apply to your business:

Are you concerned about a pending sales and use tax audit?

Are your products and services taxable?

What states and localities do you have nexus (tax filing requirements) in?

What options are available if it is determined you have not been filing in a jurisdiction where there is nexus (a tax filing requirement)?

Are you up to date on state and local tax rate changes, resale and exemption certificates requirements, use tax provisions, and document retention standards?

Have you been paying enough or too much tax?

If you need assistance in addressing any of these questions please contact us today for a no risk, no obligation consultation.

We can also help address issues related to the following subjects:

  • Tax Audit Defense
  • Multistate Taxation Rules
  • Taxability of Products and Services
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • State Nexus Rules and Criteria
  • Physical Presence in Another State
  • Online Tax Registrations
  • Online Tax Filing
  • Voluntary Disclosure Programs
  • Amnesty Agreements
  • Managed Compliance Agreements
  • Tax Refund Study (Reverse Audit)