Are you an Australian citizen thinking of relocating to the U.S.? Perhaps you’ve already moved but don’t fully understand the U.S. tax code, or how it might affect your financial holdings. In fact, thousands of Australian citizens move to the U.S. each year and are immediately subject to the U.S. tax system, yet many Aussie expats do not have an effective tax strategy in place.

The International Tax Team at EFPR Group is providing a free e-book that provides an overview of the essential tax issues you should consider pre-departure and upon arrival to the U.S. Our goal is to help eliminate unnecessary taxes or penalties, and to help you navigate the process. While not intended to be a comprehensive review of every U.S. tax requirement, this book highlights some of the most important U.S. tax principles for Australian expats to understand.

Chapters include:

  • U.S. Individual Income Tax Principles
  • The Australian – U.S. Tax Treaty
  • Sale of Assets and the Capital Gains Tax
  • Reporting Requirement: Banks, Financial Accounts and Assets
  • The Superannuation Tax Conundrum

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