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Stephanie Kieffer

Stephanie is from Buffalo, NY and currently resides in East Amherst. She went to school at Niagara University and has her MBA in Accounting. She brings several years of experience to her new role.

What attracted you to EFPR?
The flexibility and the employees.

What do you hope to bring to the EFPR team?
I hope to bring my knowledge and skills to the team.

What made you want to go into your line of work?
I wanted to get into auditing because I knew it was a challenging career and I am good with numbers.

What are your specialty areas, what problems do you help clients solve?
My specialty area is nonprofits. I am a good communicator with the client to help them with their problems and work together to solve the problem.

What is your “number one” hobby?

Name a “bucket list” personal goal that you’d like to accomplish? What is the likelihood that you’ll accomplish it? Are you working toward it now?

Name a “bucket list” personal goal that you’d like to accomplish?
I hope to be able to travel to Europe by 2026 and I am currently saving to be able to go on the trip.

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