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Paige Miller

Paige is from Arcade, NY and currently resides in Rochester. She has her Bachelor’s degree in  Finance and Accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Paige did an internship with EFPR Group and will now be a Staff Accountant on our Tax & Business Services team. 

Do you play a sport or did you play in college or high school?
“I played soccer and basketball in high school. I played basketball in college at RIT and was a captain.” 

Are you an avid fan of any sports teams?
“I love the Buffalo Bills!” 

Where is the most unusual or exotic place you’ve traveled to?
“My favorite vacation was to Hawaii. It was breathtaking.” 

Name a “bucket list” personal goal that you’d like to accomplish? What is the likelihood that  you’ll accomplish it? Are you working toward it now?
“I would like to visit every national park in the United States while I’m still in my 20’s. It’s very  likely I will accomplish this goal because I love to travel.” 

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