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John Stoia

John is from, and currently resides in  Hamlin, NY. He received his MBA with a concentration in Accounting in 2021 and has joined the Tax & Business Services team in our Rochester office. 

What attracted you to EFPR?
“I liked how professional, sincere, and welcome everyone was when I interviewed and toured at the firm. What I also liked was how I felt like I would fit in at EFPR, so I became interested in EFPR.” 

What made you want to go into your line of work?
“I was initially interested in Criminal Justice but then I thought about my career long-term. I  became intrigued by business administration and I decided to go into accounting in high school  after taking a high school accounting course. I then chose to do accounting specifically as I want  to help other people with the knowledge and experience I have obtained.” 

What do you hope to bring to the EFPR team?
“I hope to bring a different set of eyes, being able to work with others, a strong work ethic, and positivity.” 

Are you an avid fan of any sports teams?
“I like the New York Rangers for hockey and the New York Yankees for baseball.” 

Do you play a sport or did you play in college or high school?
“ I played tennis in middle, high school, and college but not on a college team. I still play to this day.” 

Favorite quote (and who said it, if known):
“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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