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Jessica Drossos

Jessica lives in Grand Island, NY and recently joined us in the Buffalo office as an Administrative Assistant. Before EFPR Group, Jessica worked as a Medical Assistant, inputting data and working with insurance companies.

What attracted you to EFPR?
“I was attracted by EFPR Group’s professionalism.”

What do you hope to bring to the EFPR team?
“I hope to bring my sense of humor and teamwork to the EFPR team.”

What are your specialty areas, what problems do you help clients solve?
“I have great customer service skills and love helping people solve problems.”

Do you have any notable achievements you have accomplished outside of work?
“I’m a single mother of three kids, two of which are twins.”

Who is your hero and why?
“My mom and dad are my heroes. They each gave me a part of themselves that has made me the woman I am today.”

What is your number one hobby?
“I love to weight lift, run, and spin.”

Are you an avid fan of any sports teams?

Where is the most unusual or exotic place you’ve traveled to?
“I’ve been to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.”



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