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Jeff Przybyl

Jeff lives in Orchard Park, NY. He graduated college in 2022. Jeff recently joined us in the Buffalo office as a Staff Accountant in the Attest Department.

What do you hope to bring to the EFPR team?
“As I learn and grow within my role at EFPR Group, I will share my experience with others to help them grow as well. I hope to eventually be a part of the next generation to lead the company forward.”

What made you want to go into your line of work?
“Coming out of high school, I was quickly promoted to manager at my first job. In that role, I realized my favorite task was filling spreadsheets for financial and inventory purposes. I began researching what degrees could lead me to a career I enjoyed. That is when I found accounting; I’ve loved it ever since.”

What are your specialty areas, what problems do you help clients solve?
“I specialize in solving how to meet consumer needs efficiently.”

Do you have any notable achievements you have accomplished outside of work?
“I am a member of the National Technical Honor Society.”

Are you an avid fan of any sports teams?
“I am a Buffalo Bills fan.”

What is one thing most people would be surprised to learn about you?
“I enjoy building computers.”


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