Dating back over 350 years, wine production in New York State has been on a steady incline. Today, New York State produces a large variety of award-winning wines and is home to over 335 wineries and vineyards, with more opening with every passing year.

Wine entrepreneurs must balance their passion for making wine with the challenges of running a business in a growing and competitive market. New York now competes head to head with California, Europe, South America and Australia in the global wine marketplace. In addition, wine makers in New York must deal with a host of challenging governmental factors, and environmental and climate conditions.

EFPR Group has taken a unique approach to supporting this market by assembling a team of highly experienced accountants and business consultants who share a passion for the art of making and enjoying wine. We have offices strategically located throughout New York’s wine country. As a result, our team has developed a Wine Industry focus that anticipates:

  • Comprehensive tax preparation including sales tax, Federal and state tax returns
  • Inventory valuation – Assessing and tracking growing and bottling costs
  • Evaluating financing and loan covenants
  • Managing the balance between the passion for making wine and the skill of managing the business
  • Understanding the relationship between Marketing, Tourism and Distribution
  • Determining the impact of environmental influences
  • Point-of-sale and bookkeeping software integration

Our team is ready to serve you 365 days a year. Not just right before the tax deadline. Our specialized services for the Wine Industry include: