Raising money from donors, enjoying tax exemptions, receiving grants—all require a level of transparency and openness about your organization’s financial operations.

Whether the goal is helping people build houses, or saving the planet, or offering spiritual fulfillment through a church or synagogue, not-for-profit organizations have special and often complex financial requirements. The professionals at EFPR Group have a long history of assisting 501(c) and other not-for-profits with the rigorous internal controls and auditing processes prescribed by the federal and state governments.

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The specific EFPR Group services you may find most useful; get there fast:

Financial Statement Audits

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Internal Audits

HUD Audits

Yellow Book Audits (OMB Circular A-133)

Bookkeeping Consulting

Employee Benefit Plan Consulting

EFPR Group HealthCare Consulting

Fraud & Forensics

The transparency requirements of service

EFPR Group has substantial experience in helping not-for-profit organizations navigate the complexities of financing and auditing requirements. We recognize that accounting and auditing is not your first mission in life, and know you’d like to get back to the goals of your organization. So we make our processes as streamlined and non-disruptive as possible.

That includes running a paperless audit; we come equipped with our own scanners and laptops, and in subsequent years can access all of your previous records at the touch of a button.

More knowledge: a benefit for you

Whenever we conduct an audit for a not-for-profit organization, we mine the data for insights that can help you run your organization more effectively. It’s more than paperwork and calculations to us. It’s this partnership approach that our clients tell us is most appreciated when working with us. Read more about our general approach to auditing.

Partner-level attention and a team that cares about your business

At EFPR Group, every client engagement includes partner-level involvement. Your partner will work with you to establish the goals of the engagement and oversee the team that provides you with day-to-day or project expertise. You’ll find our people to be not just talented but also committed to the success of your organization. We come to work every day because it’s a way to exercise our skills in the service of your goals. Read more about us.

Detailed, specific assistance

Below are just some of the ways we help our not-for-profit clients:

Financial Statement Audits – The state requires one. Your funding sources may demand one. We make the process as streamlined and painless as possible.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits – If your organization sponsors your 403(b) or other pension plan, and you have more than 100 employees, you know that you’re required to obtain an annual plan audit. We can simplify the process for you.

Internal Audits – Our specialists provide thorough internal control reviews to streamline reporting, identify areas of risk and eliminate exposure, and assure other parties of your organization’s financial responsibility.

HUD Audits – Required for any organization with a Housing & Urban Development Corporation mortgage. We perform approximately 25 HUD audits each year and have amassed significant expertise.

Yellow Book Audits (OMB Circular A-133) – These audits are required by the federal government for any entity that expends more than $500,000 in federal dollars during their fiscal year. EFPR Group conducts approximately 35 Yellow Book Audits each year.

Bookkeeping Consulting – We can help by reviewing your needs for reporting, decision-making, tax preparation, and compliance with other governmental regulations. Then we set up systems that are simple to implement, use and access.

Employee Benefit Plan Consulting – EFPR Group partners and associates can help you create a plan for employee benefits that takes into account not just the cost of the plans themselves, but the related tax implications and benefits for your employees.

EFPR Group HealthCare Consulting – We have more than 100 health care clients, many of them not-for-profit organizations running nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or other health care centers. We have built an entire practice specialty around health care auditing, and also created an affiliate company, EFPR Group HealthCare Consulting, to help these clients with strategic planning and operations.

Fraud & Forensics – If you suspect your organization has been the victim of a financial crime or malfeasance has occurred, our forensic experts can help. We have considerable experience working with not-for-profits in determining their risk exposure and quantifying the effects of an embezzlement. We are sensitive to the publicity this could cause and the impact it could have on your funding sources. Our team of experts works as quickly and discretely as possible to gather the facts and place your organization in the best position to recovery your losses.