Enhancing a school’s ability to attract students, maintain a superior reputation and manage economic variability are the goals of every college.

Enhancing an academic organization’s ability to attract high quality students, retain enthusiastic professors, maintain world-class facilities and manage economic variability is the goal of EFPR Group Higher Education group. To achieve these important objectives we help educational leaders answer these important questions:

  • What is our overall financial health?
  • Do we posses the resources to support our mission?
  • Do our results indicate we are operating within our resources?
  • Does our financial performance support our strategic direction?
  • Do we strategically manage our debt?

To determine the answers to these important questions, our team of CPA’s and Business Consultants will incorporate the use of a well-established and highly reliable tool called the Composite Financial Index (CFI). The CFI can help your organization effectively communicate financial strategies while supporting your strategic plan.