Modern society consumes large amounts of fuel, and the energy industry is a crucial part of the infrastructure and a pivotal driver economic development. This sector includes industries involved in the extraction, refining, sale and distribution of petroleum, gas, electric, coal, nuclear and alternative energy sources.

The energy industry balances a demanding set of challenges. Regulatory environments can turn on a dime, making compliance a complex and ever-changing problem. Profitability and business success are often wrapped up in details like forecasting, tax implications, financing and cash flow. Across its various segments and categories, the energy industry depends on quality accounting. As we advance into the 21st century, it becomes more important for energy industry accountants to combine a keen sense of detail with intellectual flexibility and dedication to getting work done correctly and on time.

Oil & Gas Exploration

We have the expertise to help oil and gas exploration companies comply with accounting regulations, effectively manage cash flow needs and perform the critical cost-benefit analyses that must take place before incurring well costs.


In the business of delivering energy to the market, the ability to derive accurate conclusions from complex data can have a significant impact on success. Our specialized accounting services help mitigate the risks associated with ratemaking and the gas nomination process, helping our utility clients assess profitability and sustainability.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy companies are constantly breaking new ground in their category, developing innovative goods and services and paving the way for a new paradigm. But they also function much like traditional companies that serve an open market. In addition to our core services, we monitor new developments in tax law and government incentives while proactively seeking opportunities for our renewable energy clients.

As modern society consumes larger amounts of fuel, the energy industry and those who are responsible for its regulation, continue to experience a significant need for financial and regulatory guidance as compliance related issue abound. Rare earth trade disputes with China, growing demand for products from emerging markets and a new round of mergers and acquisitions continues to influence the pace of growth in this sector. Our team of financial and accounting experts will help you navigate this swiftly evolving sector. To learn more call or e-mail us at