How does an idea become a business? It takes solid strategy, sufficient funding, the right financial structure, and good data for management decision-making.

Emerging technology has always been one of the pre-eminent drivers of the American economy; today, emerging technology is exploding in hundreds of new directions in the U.S. and across the globe. Upstate New York is strategically positioned to thrive in this dynamic environment. The region is globally connected through business, colleges and universities and has one of the highest ratios of patents issued per resident when compared to any other area of the country.

At EFPR Group, we have the expertise for helping technology companies position themselves for success. Through our knowledgeable staff, wealth of experience, and regional involvement, we are prepared to help your business succeed. We have worked side by side with dozens of emerging technology companies—from conceptual to operations to eventual sale/disposition—helping them become established, strategize their futures, and identify potential tax and economic advantages. We have been a key element helping business owners build on ‘what counts.’

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Where creativity meets business

Accounting isn’t a skill that most creative, innovative technology entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time perfecting. As an entrepreneur, your energy is best spent on the next better mousetrap, the groundbreaking nano-solution, or the cure.

Successful emerging technology companies rely on a tight-knit relationship with their accountants and business consultants to create the ultimate synergy between idea and business. This strategy is the environment EFPR Group can bring to you. We are your financial think tank.

“At EFPR Group we have worked with dozens of high-tech companies involved in various facets of industry. Upstate New York is a hotbed of next-generation business development and we have the expertise to support companies in this emerging technology marketplace. ”

Dave Veniskey, Partner

Partner-level attention and a team that cares about your business

At EFPR Group, every client engagement includes partner-level involvement in your engagement team. Your team will work with you to establish the goals of the engagement and provide you with project expertise. You will find our people to be not just talented but also committed to the success of your business. Read more about us.

Expertise across a broad range of services

As a broad-based CPA and business consulting firm, we bring the expertise of 250 professionals to our clients’ challenges. In addition, we leverage the knowledge base of our membership in the BDO Alliance.

Specific assistance for specific results

The size of our practice allows us to offer the general services that any business requires; tax planning and compliance, setting up accounting systems, conducting financial reviews and audits. Additionally, we also offer a significant suite of services designed just for your industry.

Here are just some of the ways we can help your business reach the next level:

Business Consulting – We are skilled at guiding companies through each stage of the business lifecycle, from inception to exit strategy and beyond. Our advice is always customized to your unique circumstances, and can include detailed business strategy assistance.

Among the issues we can address:

  • Guidance in structuring ownership – What’s the best business structure and how should owners’ contributions be valued? What should a buy-sell agreement include? This involves an understanding of management’s and investors’ goals, and the experience with the structural tax vehicles that are available.
  • Raising capital – We can help identify financial resources that will be most open to your idea, and assist with the presentation and preparation of your proposal.
  • Managing cash flow – This can be especially challenging in the early going, when revenues lag R&D. We can work with you to develop innovative solutions to your cash flow needs.

Business Tax Planning & Preparation – Taxes can be one of your biggest expenses. Be sure that they’re handled properly, and in a way that maximizes your tax advantage in ownership and operations. We understand the numerous regulatory and state and federal reporting requirements. We can also help with the complexities of multi-geographical tax issues.

Individual Tax Planning & Preparation – Particularly for early-stage companies, we recommend an integrated approach to analyzing your business and personal tax situation. We will help you strategize ownership issues and succession.

Grants, Tax Credits, Funding Opportunities – Take advantage of significant grants or incentives being offered by federal, state and local governments interested in seeing emerging technology companies succeed and contribute to the economy.

In particular, read more about:

Business Valuation – Often the underlying analysis for a wide range of critical business decisions, the valuation should be undertaken by professionals with a deep understanding of the science, and a big-picture understanding of your industry. At EFPR Group we offer this expertise through a dedicated team of professionals.

Going Public – We have a full practice area dedicated to the needs of publicly traded companies, from the planning needed for going public to the auditing and reporting that’s required once your business is establish