The best decisions are made on the basis of the most accurate data and the most comprehensive analysis.

The construction industry faces a complex set of issues on a daily basis: business is highly cyclical, for starters, and sometimes hard to predict, which makes forecasting all the more critical. There are reporting and income tax issues unique to the industry. The need for bonding and financing is ongoing, with the size of projects requiring continuous risk adjustments. Competition is fierce and profit margins have a tendency to shrink. Overall, construction requires intricate knowledge on the part of professionals who serve the industry.

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From the ground-up experience

EFPR Group has more than 20 years’ experience providing services to the construction industry throughout Western New York and the Finger Lakes Region. Our efforts are led by partner Joe Kehm, who spent a number of years as the Vice President of Finance for a contractor:

“I had the opportunity to experience the industry from the trenches, from reviewing bids to analyzing job costs and billings, to monitoring cash flow and dealing with banks and sureties. What was most useful to the company was the development of systems and procedures, for internal and external reporting, budgeting, and cost containment. Sometimes it’s hard to make time for that in the press of everyday business. That’s one of the ways we help clients today.”

Our client base covers a wide spectrum of companies, from large to small contractors. We actively seek out professionals who have actually worked in construction, and complement their experience with ongoing training. Our purpose is to help you meet your profitability goals.

Partner-level attention and a team that cares about your business

At EFPR Group, every client engagement includes partner-level involvement. Your partner will work with you to establish the goals of the engagement and oversee the team that provides you with day-to-day or project expertise. You’ll find our people to be not just talented but also committed to the success of your business. We come to work every day because it’s a way to exercise our skills in the service of your success. Read more about us.

Expertise across a broad range of services

As a broad-based CPA and business consulting firm, we bring the expertise of a wide range of professionals to bear on our clients’ challenges. Here are just some of the areas in which we have helped our construction clients:

Business Planning

Business Tax Planning & Preparation – Tax can be one of your biggest expenses, or not. Be sure that it’s handled correctly. We can also help with the complexities of sales tax.

Financial Statements Preparation – Whether you need financial statements for the bank, surety, a potential client, vendor, other business partner, or your own planning purposes, you generally need them in a hurry.

Business Consulting – We bring a wealth of professional and practical experience to the task of helping you find the right mix of strategies for growing your business.

We take advantage of the lessons we’ve learned over thousands of client engagements.

Business Services

Business Valuation – Often the underlying analysis for a wide range of critical business decisions, the valuation should be undertaken by professionals with a deep understanding of the science, and a big-picture understanding of your industry. We have both, and a dedicated team.

Litigation Support – Despite the best intentions and practices, there are times when a business dispute leads to a day in court. EFPR Group litigation support professionals have deep experience in the forensic accounting necessary for legal review and can also serve as expert witnesses.

Business Investment Assistance

Cost Segregation Studies – The next large investment you make in a building could be a smarter decision if you take advantage of cost segregation tax strategies. Our cost segregation specialty practice includes an engineering partner for an in-depth analysis that helps companies expand wisely.

NYS Empire Zone Certification – If you’re thinking it’s time to expand, then it’s time to think about Empire Zones. This package of tax incentives is providing a cash flow boon to companies at a time when it’s most needed.

Assurance & Audits

Employee Benefit Plan Audits – If your organization sponsors your 401(k), or other pension plan, and you have more than 100 employees, you know that you’re required to obtain an annual plan audit. We can simplify the process for you.

Financial Statement Audits – The bank needs one. Your supplier’s demanding one. We make the process as streamlined and painless as possible.

Reviews & Compilations – Sometimes there’s a faster, easier way to satisfy a bank, surety or investor than a full audit.

Individual Services

Owners’ Exit Strategies – It’s never too early to start thinking about your next chapter, and how you’ll wind up this one. We help with the planning, the decision-making, and the execution.

Estate & Tax Planning – An important part of business owners’ strategic planning for the future.

Individual Tax Planning & Preparation – For almost all of our construction business clients, we prepare individual returns as well for a streamlined and integrated result.