Managing an assisted living community requires round-the-clock attention. Facilities need constant care and upkeep while your management team must traverse an evolving regulatory environment. In addition, you must focus on building a financial strategy addressing both short-term and long-term goals.

EFPR Group is a full service CPA firm with a unique focus on assisted living and senior living communities. We are acutely aware of the issues that you face today and in the future. We can offer strategic advice as well as hands-on support to advance your business. We believe our industry knowledge combined with our financial and accounting acumen can provide a significant advantage in your marketplace.

Our clients are located across the United States and manage a variety of assisted living communities in both large and small cities. Our experience and command of best practices can make a difference in your business.

Strategic Financial Operations:

Our Team of CPAs specialize in the day-to-day financial requirements of running and assisted living community, including Department of Health Reports, HUD Audits, Medicaid and Executive Order 38, accounting and tax consulting. Our experienced approach means we can provide expertise to issues like cost-cutting and strategic investments.

Business Valuations:

What is your business worth? What are the factors driving value? Our team includes credentialed appraisers who have the industry knowledge to help you answer these questions. Once you know what your business is worth, you can manage it to increase the value over time for a successful exit.

Strategic business planning for owners:

If you’re an owner of an assisted living community, you will confront issues related to business planning. What is your vision? Will you expand, sell or franchise? How will you retire, and what happens to the business when you do? Do your business goals fit in with your personal goals?

EFPR Group has significant experience helping business owners navigate the entire spectrum of business lifespan issues. Our Assisted Living team combines that knowledge with our industry knowledge to deliver a robust, integrated plan for your own future.

EFPR Group is focused on the issues you face:

“Our team is focused on your industry: its trends, its challenges and its opportunities. As the needs of assisted living communities become increasingly specialized, your strategic partners need to be that much more knowledgeable. We are steeped in the issues of assisted living communities. We understand what you’re facing and we know which solutions will work.” – Craig Kellner, CPA, Partner